Zhejiang Tanhon transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research and development of transmission equipment, manufacturing and marketing of professional companies, in 2009 the new optimization products, the introduction of a special short lead times, cost-effective, more reasonable configuration, run more stable, "Tanhon" brand new products.

Tanhon sales service network and branch offices in major cities around the country. Tanhon staff ready to provide you technical advice and services.

The company's main products are: MD, Mn, MJ, MP, Z, W, MB, NMRV, m (MTB) and other 12 kinds of products, product support 0.18 ~ 4000KW, nearly 40,000 kinds of transmission ratio "Rainbow" you at any time. choose supermarket brand products.

The company has advanced detection equipment: The company has advanced processing center, representing world-class efficiency, high precision grinding machines and various types of CNC machine tools; gear measuring instrument with integral error, gear beat detector, double detector and other gear advanced detection equipment. in recent years, the company is committed to the study of international and domestic transmission equipment for the industry-driven development provides a good design and digital manufacturing.

Our products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, beer, beverage, textile printing and dyeing, lifting transport, road construction machinery, control of the whole measurement , Petrochemicals, logistics, woodworking machinery, environmental protection equipment, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, leather, parking and many other fields. Domestic product marketing professional in the city, and to support exports in the first peer through the ISO9001:. 2000 quality management system certification.

The company is the provincial science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises, the provincial high-tech enterprises, urban enterprise information technology business model, the company's technology research and development center by the Wenzhou municipal enterprise technical service centers, municipal enterprise (industry) and the Technology Center honor.

Tanhon products in the development of parallel shaft helical gear reducer, spiral bevel gear reducer, and other provincial new product, Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award; hypoid gear reducer, Intellectual Property Bureau of the People's Republic of China to obtain "utility model patents," the title, in the provincial high-tech products Award, and was included in the national key new products we warmly welcome new and old friends to visit the guide, the company Celestica, Celestica employees will be new look with you work together to create a brilliant future.